Video is the language of business marketing today.


Web site visitors are saying” Don’t tell me, show me.”

  • 75% Want Video
    A recent Google survey found that 75% of the people looking for information online will not go to your site if you do not have video!
  • 50 Sec to Capture
    When people come to your site they spend an average of about 50 seconds before they go away if there is no video.
  • Visitors Stay Longer
    If you have video on your site viewers will stay up to 67% longer.
  • Most of World Online
    80% of the world is now online or connected to the web …mostly through mobile devices.
  • Big or Small
    One productions has produced award winning videos for nearly three decades for Fortune 50, 100 and 500 companies as well as smaller start-up companies.
  • $150 Million Raised
    One productions video presentations have assisted small startup companies to raise more than $150 million using videos as the primary investor presentation tool.
  • Quality, Effective Video
    In our culture, our standards for video quality are motion pictures and broadcast television. If you want to present your idea, product or your service.. it must be done in a high quality level to reflect your company’s value and brand. That doesn’t mean it has to be out of your financial reach. Talk to us.
  • Crowd Funding
    More and more each day crowd funding is becoming the new standard for investment opportunities not requiring securities. We create the crowd funding videos with emotional impact that are absolutely necessary for funding a charity, business start ups, or capitalizing a new invention.
  • Broadcast You Everywhere
    YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Today, unlike any other time in history, you are able to have your own You Tube broadcast channel that reaches 80% of the population of the world!

8 Steps to Earn more and Keep more by Using Videos to:

  • Position you as a Celebrity Expert to Increase Your Brand Equity and perceived value!
  • Powerfully tell the heart of your story so you get all the investor funding you need
  • Increase your SEO to take you to the top listing on  Google
  • Accelerate the growth of your business to make record profits.
  • Capture the imagination of crowd funders so they contribute all the capital you need to do your dream
  • Work for you while you sleep to create: credibility, brand awareness, celebrity expertise, and attract prospects, customers and business relationships.
  • Make All Your Marketing get leads and Convert Better!!!
  • Sell through webinars, web cast and live cast, Google Hang Outs, Periscope, etc.

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